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Structures, framework, bolt-on louvers, SideWinder steering containers, dust drives, billet metal concealed knobs, decklid joint packages and more. We’re also a seller for other top quality components from other important car mats producers in the market. Again, welcome, and appreciate your sail.

Welcome to, house of WORM INC. Hopefully you’ll have a good time touring our website. Please take a look at our coolcarparts for hotrods, traditions, and activity vans. Fresh for the hotrod business is our PRECISION AXLES and DOOR LATCH HARDWARE. Make sure to check always them out. Our Bolt-On Louver installation can be also watched by you by hitting the louvers link above. Therefore easy… They can be installed by you in your rubber matting storage in the home. We pride ourselves on producing top quality services and products that aren’t available elsewhere. Our top item is our ‘34 SuperCoupe fiberglass human anatomy. We not just create the systems internally, but we’re also among a number of stores that produce framework’ also. We are able to promise you that the components may fit right the very first time, and provide you with the right basis for the next task. We’re a seller for many of the main producers of good quality components had a need to develop your hotrod or custom, to top this. Heidts, Halibrand, Deuce Factory, and Centech are simply some of the businesses we cope with. Make sure we are called by you for the very best package offers for assembling your shed. Again, thanks for visiting, and if you want to make contact with us, feel liberated to Email us.

The Very First and Only CNC Produced Axles
Exact, Precise Dimensions and Specifications
Produced from BILLET METAL Dish
More powerful than Throw Axles with Exceptional Match and Complete
Accessible Device End, Dust Covered, or Chromed
Refined Stainless Returning Quickly
Available These Days in 47 inch, 46-48 inch Coming Soon

This vehicle is our driver which functions all the products we produce, along with products produced by other top quality business’s in this business. Where we debuted it at the Nats East in York, PA. the vehicle has been finished since 1997. The car was also taken by us to the 1997 Nationals in Oklahoma City, OK, where it had been utilized in our show. The vehicle has FOUR-SEAT sitting in a coupe, with a design between a and a coupe. See ya on the highway.

Produced from 6061 billet strong stock,our bolt on louvers can be found in 3” duration paintable or refined.
Returning quickly, three 1/2” and 4”. The best in house audi a3 car mats contractor software. Simply construct the look you would like with this available themes, and drill pilot holes. Take away the design and punch the holes to the correct dimension, and bolt on the louvers….It is that simple!! Obtainable in paks of 5, paks of 10, or in quanities

Our fresh steering container brackets on the firewall of the vehicle, and offsets the steering shaft a COMPLETE 5 ins. This provides the required settlement round the brain, header, and brake pedal. Many older vehicles were slender, and the steering column brackets immediately behind the driver side head, when introducing a little block or worse, a large block or hemi. Many people simply wind up placing the column in crooked in the car.Too much position on the common joints, when hoping to get the steering shafts round the engine and a poor looking and UNSAFE steering system is made by the crooked column. By adding the SideWinder in your vehicle, you’ll have the best steering program available. Container comes filled with hardened vw golf car mats field things, ball bearings, and hardened dual N shafts, all within an O-ring covered CNC machined situation. The SideWinder Box was also tension examined to MORE than 430 foot pounds, giving peace to you of mind that it’ll continue for a long time in the future.

The very best starting place of any warm pole task is a great basis. The very best basis for the 34 Ford is just a ‘34 UltraRide Chassis. We not just develop chassis and bodies, but our products are used by us on completed motorists as well. In doing this, we’re in a position to make our services and products more easy to use for the contractor. A few of the advantages are far more fatigue settlement, greater growing points for your body in addition to bumpers, and the usage of the greatest quality components available today. Take a look at our framework for the next task.

Package includes 4 knobs CNC produced from 6061 solid stock metal, entrance jam support plates, utilized floater plates for in the gates, and all of the mini car mats equipment required for installation. The knobs have bronze bushings installed, and when installed on our ‘34 SuperCoupe human anatomy, the gates open a COMPLETE 90 degrees. Accessible blown end or refined.